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At this moment I would like to open the door a little further and invite you to look at some of my stories. They are mainly about the trials of those who are considered a little different. The ones that are usually outcast or misplaced as a result of being overlooked or misunderstood.

My writings focus on the fact that such individuals are indeed contributions to society. Their moment arrives when they are called upon and prevail with their character. In the end they get their just reward; respect followed by acceptance. 

When it’s all said and done, I want my reader motivated with a warm feeling inside. I will write stories for the rest of my life with the hope that I can create happiness, bring encouragement and ultimately inspire. 

Thank you and enjoy!
Matt Shea

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“Matt Shea writes stories that are designed for both young and old. He profiles the average person in society that’s a little different or misunderstood. Matt also writes about the plight of those who are mentally disabled and senior citizens.”

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A Barrel Full of Monkeys II Front

A Barrel Full Of Monkeys II is an audio book read by a group of seemingly harmless radio personalities who mean well – with a touch of insanity thrown in! The short stories written by Matt Shea are excerpts from The Cosmic Garden , The World’s Greatest Rock Star, Your Mother Should Know, and The Guardian Angel Report.

A Barrel Full of Monkeys II Back

The Players

 Matt Shea

Matt Shea

Matt Shea reads: “The Cosmic Garden" By Matt Shea

Feel free to contact Matt at:

Eileen Grimes

Eileen Grimes

Eileen Grimes reads: “The Guardian Angel Report” Written by Matt Shea

Feel free to contact Eileen at:

Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald reads: “The World’s Greatest Rock Star" Written by Matt Shea

Feel Free to contact Kevin at:
My Independence Report Podcast

Mari Beckman

Mari Beckman

Mari Beckman reads: “Your Mother Should Know” from "The Groundskeeper and Other Short Stories" Written by Matt Shea

Feel free to contact Mari at:

Readers Reviews

The King of Coalman's Hill

Another wonderful story from Matt. Brought back memories of winters of my youth sledding in the Northeast and the closeness of family and friends that used to exist. Feel good with some real life pain and sorrow.

Loraine Lee
Judge Alvin Wong

Matt Shea writes with all of us in mind. This book discusses gossip and it’s dangers in a small town, discrimination of many kinds, that counseling can help even the most manly of men. I found many characters that I grew to like. Finally, faith in God solved the towns problems. Read to find out how a butterfly illustrates how God sends us signs of his love.

Sally J